Follow these steps to get started with Simple Booth. 

  1. Choose between Simple Booth Classic (formerly Event Edition) or one of our subscription based personal or business plans. If you’re not sure what to choose, we can help you decide which app is right for you. All of the features are included in the price for your license. 
  2. Either subscribe to a Simple Booth plan from our subscription page, or purchase Simple Booth Classic directly through the App Store
  3. Sign-up for an account if you haven’t already (either in app or online), and then sign into your app to activate the license. 
  4. You’re ready to start customizing! Settings for Simple Booth Classic can be customized in-app, and Simple Booth Plans can be customized in-app or from your account online. 
  5. Need help customizing the settings? Our help center has great resources about designing for the app, information about how guests share their pictures with themselves, and how to manage your account and subscription. 

We do not offer per-event pricing, single day, or partial month licenses.

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