Adding graphics to the pictures that your guests will share is often what our customers are most excited about customizing! 

If you don’t already have a graphic like a logo ready to upload, you’ll need to make something! Simple Booth does not include design features in our apps, but we do make some recommendations about programs you can use in our design guide.

Check out what kinds of graphics can be added to each version elsewhere in our help center. 

Simple Booth Classic

On the Classic app, you’ll first need to send your logo to your iPad if it isn’t already saved there. Be sure to save it to your Photos app after sending.* Once you do, just tap the icon in your design panel to access your Camera Roll and upload the image.


On our HALO app, you can always upload directly to the app (with the exception of green screen), but have the additional benefit of being able to use the  preset settings online. 

HALO customers can upload app backgrounds, green screen, and custom props online too! 

How do I know what size to make my graphics? 

Hop over here and we’ll fill you in! 

*If you are having trouble with transparency, make sure you aren not "optimizing storage" within your iPad settings (choose "download and keep originals" instead).

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