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Customize the message the accompanies links sent via email

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The outbound email that is sent along with your pictures can be customized to varying degrees depending on your plan.

⚠️ Not all customizations are available on all plans, see below for more information on availability ⚠️

Default Message

A default, "Your photo from Simple Booth!" message will accompany the photo link. This message cannot be changed.

Basic Event Information

Enter the name of the person or organization you want to give your photo credit to.

Emailing from HALO Lite is simple and straightforward.

You can also enter the name of the event. 

Emails will be sent from

Full Customization

These emails will appear in plain text, and if you’d like you can customize further using HTML. 

Email Address Customization

Full customization also include the ability to change the email address that the pictures are sent from.

This involves authorizing Simple Booth to send emails on behalf of your domain by updating some settings on your domain registrar. Public email domains (,, etc.) will not support this type of authorization.

Learn more here!

HTML Basics

Use HTML and placeholders in email body to take your email to the next level. 

HTML doesn't have to be complicated at all--you can be as simple or as detailed as you would like! There are some great resources online to teach you more about HTML if you're interested, and we'll share some basics below.

Tag Pairs

Text entered between tag pairs will be modified; the tag pair determines how the text will change.

HTML Tag Pair


<h1> ... </h1>
<h2> ... </h2>
<h3> ... </h3>

Header or title text. 1 is very large, 2 is large, 3 is medium.

<b> ... </b>

Bold text

<i> ... </i>

Italicized text

<u> ... </u>

Underlined text

<p> ... </p>

Paragraph breaks

<br> ... </br>

Line breaks


Placeholders support things like embedding a thumbnail of the photo or customizing the button that links to the gallery



Usage Example


Links to a thumbnail representation of the media that can be displayed in the email body.

<img src="[thumbnail-url]">


Links to the Gallery that contains all the event media. Does not work with private Galleries.

Looking for another [media-type]? <a href="[gallery-url]'>View the full gallery</a>


A link to the guest's picture page on the Gallery. When used, this will replace the default, "View your photo" link so you can create your own call-to-acton or custom designed button.

<a href="[page-url]">View your[media-type]</a>

<a href="[page-url]"><img src="[thumbnail-url]"></a>


Word or phrase describing the type of picture your guest captured, such as "GIF" or "photo."

"Thanks for capturing a [media-type] at the event!"

Feature Availability






Default Message



Basic Credit


Full Customization



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