Camera Roll

Your finished layout or GIF will always save to your Photos library (that is, the Camera Roll) as long as you have accepted the "Photos" permission when saving for the first time in the app. There is no option to turn this off in the settings because the worst thing that can happen after an event is to find you don't have any photos!

You can also save "individual images" to your Camera Roll, which are the raw photos before they are processed into the final layout or GIF.

Note: A GIF saved to the Photos library will not play in the Photos app on iPad but it does contain the animated GIF file data. You will be able to see the GIF playing if you email or sync your photos to a desktop computer for viewing.


In order to save to Dropbox, you'll first have to log into your Dropbox account in our app. Once you are logged in, you can save several formats to your Dropbox account:

  • Save finished layouts/GIFs
  • Save individual images
  • Save 4x6 formatted sheets
  • Save 5x7 formatted sheets
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