Instagram does not allow other apps to upload directly to it. Instead, a photo or video must be sent to the guest's mobile device first and shared through Instagram's curated mobile experience. While some apps have found a way around the rules, we follow Instagram's policies in the best interest of providing a reliable experience for our users.

Sharing to Instagram from Galleries

If you are using Galleries, your guests will be able to tap an Instagram icon when they're viewing their picture. When they tap the icon they are prompted to enter their email address, where they will receive an Instagram-ready attachment and special instructions for sharing on Instagram.

Sharing to Instagram from HALO Standard and Premium

HALO users can share to Instagram from the Galleries as well. With a Standard or Premium plan, you can also send an Instagram-ready file to your guests' phones in a text directly from the app. Guests will enter their phone number to receive an MMS text message with the photo or video attachment and special text instructions to share on Instagram with your chosen hashtag. 

MMS is not available in all countries.

No matter which method you use to share, we add special padding to the media file so that it can be shared on Instagram without crop being forced. A user may still choose to crop it but they do not have to.

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