The outbound email that’s sent along with your guest’s picture can be customized to varying degrees, depending on which HALO plan you’re on. 

Note: Event Edition and HALO Starter do not include email customization


Emailing from HALO Lite is simple and straightforward...enter the name of the person or organization you want to give your photo credit to. Typically, it makes most sense to enter the name of the event host. 

You’ll also be able to able to update the name of the event. 

Email address

HALO Lite emails will be sent through our server from the default email address, "" Because we take care of everything, you don't need to set up an email address to send from.

HALO Standard and Premium

Emails from HALO Standard and Premium tiers can be fully customized. These emails will appear in plain text, and if you’d like you can customize further using HTML. 

Customize the email address

HALO Standard and Premium allow you to customize the outbound email address. This involves authorizing Simple Booth to send emails on behalf of your domain by updating some settings on your domain registrar. 

Note: HALO will default to sending emails through our server from the email address, "" until you are able to set this up properly. 

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