Note: Dropbox saving is only available on HALO. 

Your Dropbox photos are saved in the Apps/Simple Booth/ directory on your Dropbox account. Within this directory, they are saved into folders named after the App Preset and then another folder for the type of image being saved.

Each saved file is prefixed with a code unique to your device, then a number that counts up and finally ends with a file extension. Please know if you delete these folders, you might disrupt the connection between our apps and Dropbox, which can result in unsaved pictures.

The file name will look like this:

Apps / Simple Booth / [preset name] / [type of media] / [device id]-[picture number].[file extension]

A saved file might have a final path like:

Apps / Simple Booth / My Preset / GIFs / ABCDE-00001.gif

The names of the media folders are:

  • "Layouts" - the finished .jpg layout
  • "GIFs" - the finished animated .gif file
  • "GIF Videos" - GIF frames looped in a .mov (H264) file. These will save automatically if you are saving a finished GIF.
  • "Individuals" - original high-resolution photos
  • "Individuals (Branded)" - for animated GIFs, this includes any overlay, logo, margins, corners and other design decisions but with each frame separated. Saves automatically when "Save individuals" is enabled and the type of file is a GIF.
  • "4x6" - formatted sheet with centered layout for printing.
  • "5x7" - formatted sheet with centered layout for printing. 
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