Simple Booth apps will automatically arrange two vertical photo strips on a sheet if there is room. What is shown in the Print Preview area in settings is the same as what is sent to the printer. Making your layout taller and less wide will help make a format that will fit more easily on standard photo paper sizes. This can be accomplished by making sure you use settings such as:

  1. Use the iPad in portrait orientation for taller photos. If you are using landscape, you can turn on square crop to make the pictures less wide.
  2. Select the 1 by 4 photo strip layout which is taller than the 1 by 3
  3. Place a logo on the strip

Any of these will make your layout taller so that two strips are more likely to fit side by side on a sheet. A 5x7 inch print will also give you proportionally more width to place two photo strips than a 4x6 does.

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