Sharing from Simple Booth

Simple Booth’s social sharing options are not part of the booth itself. In the past, the social sharing options were included in the app, but we learned over time that this wasn’t very efficient, so we improved the process with our online Galleries! 

Now guests share their pictures with themselves via an email or text message with a link to your event’s Gallery. They’ll access your Gallery from their cell phone where they can share without being asked to remember social account passwords. 

Customize your Gallery

All versions of Simple Booth apps allow you to choose a title, privacy level, and a few hashtags for your Gallery page. When guests post pictures from the Gallery, the hashtags you've selected will also be posted.* HALO subscribers have access to additional Gallery customization options, too!

Social Sharing is easier than ever from Simple Booth for iPhone

Guests can post to social media from your Gallery directly from our newly updated iPhone app, and this will be the easiest way to share and save their picture! When guests at your event have the iPhone app downloaded, they’ll be brought directly to their pictures in your Gallery within the app after receiving their link. 

Guests can also check out the rest of the pictures from the event with our iPhone app as long as your Gallery is public

Sharing to social media from your Gallery in a browser

If guests don’t have our iPhone app, they’ll be brought to their pictures in their phone’s browser after clicking on the link they receive. 

The online Gallery pages include the same social sharing options that are available in the iPhone app. 

Sharing to Instagram

Instagram has a unique sharing process for two reasons! The first is that Instagram does not accept certain files types (including GIFs), and the second is because third party apps are not able to upload directly to Instagram’s platform. 

*Note: When guests use the Instagram sharing option, the file is converted and re-shared with the recipient with instructions about how to post using your hashtags. 

An Instagram sharing option is available in the HALO app (US only) so that guests can receive an Instagram-ready file more directly. 

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